Authentic pizza & pasta in Amager

Pomodoro D’Oro

Pizza and Pasta in Copenhagen

Honest food made with love

Come and experience our special take on pizza and pasta, no one does it like us! We believe in honest cooking and that’s why we only use fresh and organic produce.



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Our main focus is quality

This place is a true embodiment of a modern luxury ambiance that you couldn’t see everywhere. This visual masterpiece is a sight for sore eyes and rests for the tired soul that offers unique and delicious Pizzas created out of top-notch quality and fresh ingredients, offering drinks with a very kind and friendly staff.

If you are planning a Business Dinner, a Romantic Date, or a simple outing with your friends, choosing our restaurant can make a memorable memory for you.

Gourmet free-range chickens

Our gourmet free-range chickens come from a traditional French rustic environment. They are cornfed and have lots of areas to run around and play while they follow their natural growth.

The chickens are slow-growing and raised in the open on grassy, well shaded land, and their diet consisting 100% of plant material, minerals and vitamins.

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